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My name is Ivan Jones. I am 40 years old. I am married to Bronwyn Bernadette Jones an ex-teacher. I have worked in the clothing industry for 16 years, as a manager/supervisor.

I always knew that God is calling us into fulltime ministry. At times I did not give ear to the call of God. In 2009 my wife and I surrendered to the call of God. I am very excited about the work of God. I love working with people and to see how the lives of men and women, young and old are transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Our goal for the ministry is to equip men and women for service in the kingdom of God. I do have a strong character and strong believe that all things are possible with God. God gave us the vision for Revelation Ministries and the structure how to build the ministry.

Reading the Bible and gospel books, is my hobby and meeting new people is my speciality. The dream in my heart is to fulfil the work God entrusted to me and to live in the good, pleasing and perfect will of God.


I am Bronwyn, Bernadette Bowers, married, Jones. I am 41 years old, wife of one husband, mother of none and an ex-teacher. I am married to Ivan Jones for 11 years, 6months.

God called my husband and I into fulltime ministry beginning of 2009. God entrusted unto us a RESTORATION MINISTRY at the end of MARCH 2009. We were faithful in service and at the end of OCTOBER 2009, God entrusted REVELATION MINISTRIES unto us as a couple. We are the founders of this ministry. We celebrated our 4th birthday on 25th October 2013.

We have been ordained as pastors on the 21st of DECEMBER 2009. My calling on my life is to be an apostle. It brings me GREAT joy to serve out of my calling and to experience how God brings about order into the lives of men and women.

I enjoy serving in any area of the ministry. I do not find any task a burden because I do it as unto the Lord. The work I do for God enhance my character as a faithful, hardworking, persistent, committed, teachable person having a positive attitude in all situations as my goal.

Our goal is to equip the saints for service and so as an apostle I’m used by God to lay a firm foundation, build people up and to release them to do greater things than I would do.

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